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Day 2 at Fashion Pakistan Week Winter/Festive 15 was expected to be most exciting. It boasted an interesting mix of designers: Wardha Saleem, Maheen Karim, Elan, Nida Azwer, FnkAsia and Deepak Perwani. There was Obaid Shaikh too but people conveniently tried to overlook that one show. Unfortunately not all the big names managed to deliver. Other than three impressive collections, it was live singing by Zeb Bangash (for Wardha Saleem) and Zoe Viccaji (for Deepak Perwani) that was the highlight of the day.


By Aamna Haider Isani


Here’s a look at 3 of the day’s strong collections:


Designer: Khadijah Shah for Elan

Collection: Sauvage

Elan's wild trip

Elan’s wild trip


This vibrant display of jungle life had me at snakes; they were coiled in the prints and slithering around sparkling necklines. Not everyone’s cup of tea? Well, the best of fashion isn’t supposed to be a ‘one size fits all’ attempt at pleasing and selling. It was a relief that Elan chose to restrict it’s wedding wear to the PLBW in Lahore and decided to indulge in a truly Winter/Festive vibe for FPW. This was the label’s debut at a fashion week in Karachi and it was an outstanding one.


Designer: Maheen Karim

Collection: Tempo Di Fiesta

Maheen Karim

Maheen Karim

This was one of my favourite collections of the day as Maheen Karim thankfully played to her strength, stayed clear of wedding wear and brought out pure, unadulterated glamour. Black and glossy with streaks of gold and rich turquoise, there was also an injection of wildy colourful print, which lent the collection an Arab vibe. But that has become MK’s signature. One can see this collection – of bejeweled capes and jackets, sheer embellished trousers and voluminously draping dresses – a hit with the party crowd in Karachi.


Designer: Wardha Saleem

Collection: Zar Gul

Wardha Saleem

Wardha Saleem

I see this collection walking the line of creativity and commercial appeal and yet it had a brave edge, a youthfulness that made it appealing. It was a bit incohesive and had some odd numbers but overall it was a fun-loving mix of clothing that would appeal to the younger wedding-goers. Vibrant colours are Wardha Saleem’s USP and she threw them in to construct full skirted ghagras and cholis, diverse tunics and dhoti shalwars amongst a range of lowers. It was a fun show, amplified by Zeb Bangash’s live signing.


A quick word on why the rest were disappointing:


Nida Azwer: Despite having an interesting take on wedding wear, Nida’s finish let her down. The number of pearls falling off on the runway did not leave a good impression.


Obaid Shaikh: Let’s not go there.


FnkAsia: When I think of FnkAsia winters, I think of that fabulous, richly embroidered Sozani collection that the brand showed years ago. The brand should have stuck to its ethos and not gone down the shaadi-wear route.


Deepak Perwani: Why would a designer whose forte is sexy, party wear opt to go down the desi shaadi route? This was an unexpected let down.



– Photography by Tapu Javeri


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