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Amongst the few best names known to the fashion fraternity and one that we are greatly anticipating on the runways of Fashion Week Pakistan today is Misha Lakhani. Known for her eclectic-aesthetic signature style, the designer has always bedazzled fashion regulars with a striking balance of traditional and contemporary in her eponymous collections.

Making her debut on the runway of PFDC L’Oreal in 2012, the label Misha Lakhani has been around for a relatively shorter span than other powerhouse designers, yet has kept a steady pace, climbing the highest in fashion hierarchy; her well received collections have earned her a vote of appreciation and accolades from the industry.

The designer is known to draw inspirations from various enthralling subjects like art decos, nature, vintage aesthetics, travel memories and film and has masterfully incarnated them in her creations that embody an air of refined elegance.

Looking back at the designer’s ensembles from the past years, we recall how they never failed to cast a spell on the spectators. Misha Lakhani’s Nowruz Collection from 2014 told nostalgia-driven modern tales of travels and was an ode to old fashion romance encrusted with floral clusters, fireworks and chirps of birds. It is mesmerizing and bewitching at the same time to see the talented designer breathe life into past travel memories and ingrain them in her artwork. Moving a year ahead to 2015, with the Wanderlust Collection, we were tempted with her surreal amalgamation of travel mementos and art deco designs. In 2016’s Bejeweled, we were given the most wondrous visual fusion of precious vintage craftsmanship and modern tailings, surrounded by the backwaters of Alleypey, Kerala.



Misha Lakhani over the years: (L-R) Nowruz 2014 – Wanderlust 2015 – Bejeweled 2016.


“I love looking to centuries past to inspire collections, but always with my current context in mind; the clothing has to be as effortless as it is beautiful,” Misha said about Bagh e Bahar.


A sneak-peek from Misha Lakhani’s ‘Bagh-e-Bahar’ for FPW’17.


The Bagh-e-Bahar Collection is a celebration of the modern Mughal era, the grace of Persian times and the exquisiteness of Central Asia and India. The ensembles are a living tapestry of Kashmiri water gardens, intricately hand-woven silks, complex needle-crafted collections that retain in them a delighting old-world charm. The versatility and effortless grace in the ensembles are something out of an ancient painting. We see beautiful golds and whites, amidst verandas of flowers, leaves, trees and birds.

We have to reiterate that a designer is as good as his or her last collection and to be reckoned as a force, a designer must have at least 3 well-received collections to her credit. Misha Lakhani can check all of the above to her credit, which is exactly why we’re anticipating her showcase tonight!