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We have been anticipating this season of FPW more than usual, majorly due to the introduction of certain changes, especially this private solo show that we witnessed yesterday evening. Fashion week took a kick start last night, with Shamaeel Ansari’s showcase, which made for a museum-esque experience.

The show included artistically constructed installations, inspired by various themes that the brand is known for. Ikat, Iznik, Ottoman and Suzani cultures were taken into account, with each piece on display making a statement of its own when it comes to colours, embellishments and silhouettes. The chance to see each detail up close and to be able to feel the fabric is what’s missing from fashion shows at large, and we loved how this gave us a chance to do so. Beginning at the red carpet and ending in the main show area, the setup allowed room for movement that is usually lacking at domestic  fashion shows.


shamaeel ansari

The finale lineup on the runway

The night commenced with a runway presentation of Shamaeel’s latest, The Blue Tulip. The collection played with jacket-style silhouettes, flared pants and jewel-toned colour combinations. Though each outfit had a distinct style of its own, the attention remained on the composition of each print.

“Fashion today has become all about internet surveys and quick jobs. I have spent most of my life with books…I’ve really taken what I feel and turned it into a collection.” Shamaeel told us. It was evident that each piece was thought out and well researched.


shamaeel ansari

The collection feature mostly flared pants and jacket-style tops, with the exception of a few dresses


“I love it; I think it’s the best thing that could have happened,” a cool and composed Bunto Kazmi commented on the new format of the show, “I personally think this is how it should be. You can feel the garments and see them closely, how beautiful is that?” We couldn’t help but agree completely.

We overheard the amazed German Consul General Rainer Schmiedchen tell Shamaeel, “These are the best clothes I have seen in all of Karachi, since the two years I’ve been here!”

Being the first of its kind, naturally the event saw some technical difficulties that can be worked on. The weather was not in one’s control but a seating arrangement, for example, would have made things more manageable, as the view of the show was obstructed from everywhere but the first row. The guest list however was as on point as it could be, with Shamaeel’s regular clientele and the fashion fraternity in attendance; this guest list of society buyers is most important to couturiers. The night was also as timely as it could get, we were done by 8.30PM and it was a relief!

At the end of the evening, we couldn’t help thinking and wishing that all couture shows at fashion weeks could be like this. They do need to be an experience worthy of the fashion they display as opposed to the ritualistic lineup of good and bad names that one has to sit through when 6 shows are strung in a day.

Check out the red carpet fashion from last night here.

Showing today at Fashion Pakistan Week: Misha Lakhani, Aamna Aqeel, Erum Khan, Obaid Sheikh, Saira Rizwan and Suffuse with Jaipur & Co.