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We were not looking for the best or worst dressed celebrities at the Lux Style Awards this year; we started looking for Pokemons once Tapu Javeri tipped us off that the Expo Centre were crawling with them. And boy did we catch them all over the place! Some were dashing and heroic, some were glamorous and sexy, some were curiously creative and others were downright unsightly. We’ll leave the judgement for you!

Fawad Khan

Pokemon name: Arcanine

This one is known for having incredibly good looks and moves as if it’s flying. Fawad is now a legendary Pokemon that boasts a regal and proud appearance. We loved Fawad’s choice of wardrobe – Republic by Omar Farooq as always – and he was one of the most highly anticipated appearances of the evening.

Mahira Khan


This is one of the most adorable, loved and wanted Pokemons around and we found it in Mahira Khan, the most lovable celebrity in Pakistan. Mahira’s soft, blush pink gown by Shahira Lasheen was ethereal and just as lovely as she is. Set off by jewels from Kiran Fine Jewellery, Mahira floated when she walked.

Hamza Ali Abbasi

Pokemon name: Mightyena

Mightyenas operate in a pack and while Hamza is more of a Lone Wolf, we do think his properties of attack and that indomitable growl fits him well. Plus, the bearded resemblance is uncanny. Hamza, who also picked up the Best Dressed award at the LSAs, thanked his tailor Mehmood Sahab for the making the 6 shirts that he recycles. Yes, we’ve seen the black shalwar kameez before. He does wear it well, though.


Pokemon name: Blaziken

Shamaeel, who picked up the award for Best Luxury Pret, reminded us of Blaziken. She’s almost three decades into the business of fashion and is still going strong and fiery. Dressed in her own creation, Shamaeel, was most definitely haute!

Ali Xeeshan

Pokemon name: Cacturne

This is a Pokemon that becomes active at night! You may love or hate Ali Xeeshan’s sense of style but then he always manages to get attention. In this case Ali had painted black a Chinese straw hat, from his recent trip to Beijing. This is an exciting character.


Pokemon name: Empoleon

He calls himself King of Couture so HSY could be none other than the Empoleon Pokemon. He can swim and fly so is extremely versatile. And like his character, he ‘avoids unnecessary disputes, but it will decimate anything that threatens its pride’.

Sadaf Kanwal

Pokemon name: Gardevoir

Okay, so Sadaf Kanwal has nothing to do with the personality of Gardevoir but everything to do with its appearance. Wide eyed with a wide and generous smile, so looks so much like like fairy we associate with her.

Mohsin Ali

Pokemon name: Pichu

Small and undeniably cute, this one can store energy but is still a little unskilled. The style skill definitely was missing as Mohsin looked good as always but his choice of fabric – velvet – was so wrong for a July event. He was on fire and not necessarily in a sexy way.

Mawra Hocane

Pokemon name: Vespiquen

Like Sadaf, Mawra has nothing to do with her character except they’re both wearing the same dress. Mawra’s striped gown was an usual HSY dress – he usually does more bling – but she looked good. We just wish she had sounded better. It’s not just her voice but her immaturity that made her a tad bit annoying when she was on stage.

Maya Ali and Osman Khalid Butt

Pokemons: Murkrow and Wobbuffet

The Diyar e Dil couple gave fans something to talk about and turned up together. Maya Ali, we must say, looked svelte in this black Nomi Ansari dress. It showed the right amount of skin, making Mann Mayal’s Mannu glamorous, which we appreciate. Maya’s red heels gave the dress the lift of colour it needed. OBI was his good looking self.

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