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In an interview with Fifi Haroon for BBC Urdu, actor Feroze Khan talked at great length about his professional and personal achievements in life. He shared details about his work, past relationships and why he decided to settle down so early in life.

Fifi asked Feroze about his highly acclaimed character in TV dama Khaani and inquired if the actor shares any personality traits with his on-screen character Mir Hadi. “He is an emotionally driven man and I am as well. I get infuriated and fall in love really quickly. I feel a sense of remorse when I make a mistake just like he would. So, whatever character you are playing at the end of the day is a part of you, is you.”

Fifi also asked why the actor decided to tie the knot with Alizey, and that too at such a young age?

“Her simplicity; she did not demand anything from life,” he replied. “She was happy and satisfied within herself, with what she was and who she was. I told her everything straight up. I was like, why I am getting married is because I want to change for better, I cannot promise you a perfect Feroze but I can promise you whatever good I can do with you if that could make me a better man for you and she accepted me for who I was.”




Feroze and Sana Javed are the on-screen pair people can’t seem to get enough of. However, they did not get along too well when they first started acting together.

“When I started working with Sana it was in Khaani so maybe we were immersed in our characters and because of that, we couldn’t get along. We jumped onto Dino Ki Dulhaniya right after and from there it was Romeo Weds Heer. By the time we started Romeo Weds Heer the impact of our previous characters was probably there but by the time we wrapped up, we were on quite great notes. We are quite amazing now. I think we definitely are a good pairing,” he said contently.

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When asked about that his elder sister Humaima Malick, he admitted that her career may appear to be going in a downward spiral right now but that wasn’t all true.

“Maybe Humaima feels or you believe that she is not doing well or that her career is going through a difficult phase but after what I have seen in Maula Jutt and the kind of performer she is, I know that it is only till the movie comes out. Everything changes over a night so I know whatever rough patch this is it will go over time.”


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Although Feroze avoids talking about past relationships, when asked about Sajal and her appearance in Aangan, he genuinely and generously praised her.

“I haven’t heard dialogues from any of the other cast members but Sajal has literally blown me away with her acting, her dialogue delivery and her expressions,” he said. “I was wondering where she must have taken the inspiration from. It’s amazing, very well done.”

Speaking about his relationship with Sajal, Feroze said he wished nothing but the best for her. “If I will miss Sajal, I will pick up my phone and call her. We are quite normal. I respect her a lot and she is a brilliant actress. And I pray that only prosperity hits her. I hope that she only moves forward, there’s no such thing as me missing her or whatever, it is all good under the hood.”