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Feroze Habs

Tuesdays should be officially declared as Feroze Khan Day on Twitter as the feeds are bombarded with his pictures, screengrabs and dialogues following every new episode of Habs. The same happened last night when avid fans of the drama got to watch a new episode after two weeks’ break due to Eid ul Azha. Feroze was the most-tweeted Pakistani actor last night and started trending at number 1 spot on Twitter in seven countries including Pakistan, India, Oman amongst others.

A Twitter user mentioned that this has been a norm since the day episode 1 aired and the popularity is still going strong after 10 episodes.

Here’s why fans are hooked to it…

Habs, airing on ARY Digital, stars Ushna Shah and Feroze Khan as the lead couple. Ushna plays Ayesha, a young educated girl from a middle class family, who has to earn money to support her family. Feroze plays Basit who belongs to an affluent family but is from a broken home; his parents got divorced when he was a child and his mother left, leaving him with abandonment issues and a deep mistrust for women.

Basit doesn’t believe in the institution of marriage but in a twist of fate, his father puts a clause in his will that Basit won’t inherit anything unless he ties the knot. In order to avoid his mother’s involvement in his marriage, he proposes to his personal assistant, Ayesha. However, Ayesha’s mother strikes another deal with her rich son-in-law to accept his proposal. Episode 10 shows that Basit and Ayesha have started realizing from their wedding night that the marriage is a compromise. Basit also understood that he has made a few empty promises as the responsibility of a relationship is bigger than he had imagined.

Habs is a not a new story but is like a breather in fast-paced argument-laden dramas that we get to watch these days. The drama has its own pace; it is not rushing towards any high points or conflicts but is based on dynamics of two families that are dysfunctional in their own way. The fresh thing about Habs is that the characters are written in shades of grey. You will hate them one day but will relate to them or cry/smile with them in the next scene because they seem relatable and humane.


What’s more to like about Habs is Ushna Shah and Feroze Khan’s undeniable on-screen chemistry. While the two  haven’t had any sweet or romantic moments as of yet, their simple interactions ignite sparks. Feroze has played Basit with subtlety and soft demeanor. He is suave and charismatic, has a nasty temperament but is also child-like, which is very different from the actor’s usual angry young hero roles.

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Ushna, on the other hand, has also lifted the simple character by giving a beautifully nuanced performance. Ayesha is strong, empathetic and responsible, yet she has a voice of her own. Habs talks about filial responsibilities and the ever-changing dynamics of different relationships and we hope that the drama sticks to its wholesome core till the end.

Here’s what fans have to say about Habs

Trending in India as well…

Habs also stars Ayesha Omar, Hina Rizvi, Isra Ghazal, Javed Sheikh, Dania Anwer, Musaddiq Malek, Imran Aslam and Janice Tessa. It has been written by Aliya Makhdoom and directed by Musaddiq Malek.

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