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With Ramazan special dramas coming to an end and a lot of currently airing dramas nearing their conclusion, channels have started introducing upcoming drama serials. One of them is Feroze Khan and Ushna Shah-starrer Habs which is all set to air on ARY Digital from Tuesday, 10th May.

The teasers have revealed that it is a story of a couple who are forced into a marriage under undisclosed circumstances. Ushna plays the daughter of a lower-middle class family where her mother (played by Saba Faisal) believes that money is everything and love is a delusion. Despite being an educated and working woman, she is helpless and is at the mercy of her fate.


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On the other hand, her life partner, Feroze Khan belongs to an upper middle class family. It seems that despite having all the luxuries of life, he is missing a connection or love in his life. The two get married but their relationship seems to be merely a contract to please their families. It appears that Feroze’s character has a past the he is unable to forget, perhaps an unrequited love or a betrayal.

Ayesha Omar seems to be playing the other woman here. She looks more posh and glamorous suited to be the leading man’s partner. In one scene, Feroze’s character gives divorce papers to his wife and in another scene he proposes to Ayesha’s character, making it an interesting twist. It is yet to be seen if Ayesha is playing a girl who is his ex-flame or he falls for her after marriage.

Feroze has previously done Aye Mushte Khaak in which he was also playing a rich boy. However, the circumstances are diametrically different in Habs. The drama’s official description raises the question ‘Is love really enough to marry someone or does it not matter at all?’

Habs stars Ushna Shah’s real-life sister, Irsa Ghazal, Hina Rizvi, Dania Enwer and Mussadiq Malek, who is also the director of the drama. It is written by Aliya Makhdoom and Six Sigma Content and produced under the banner of Six Sigma Plus Productions.

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