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Well, it really can’t get more absurd than this. Airport Security Force (ASF) has decided to penalise a female staff member after a video of her singing along popular Punjabi number ‘High Rated Gabru‘ went viral.

The female officer, who was stationed in Sialkot, can be seen in uniform in the video but one fails to see how she has violated any rules or code of conduct by making it. Unfortunately though as punishment, ASF high command has slashed two years off her service during which time she will not receive any perks or increments. She has also been barred from using social media.

Naturally, people weren’t happy:



Someone tweeted that moral policing didn’t really fall under ASF’s job description: 




While many condemned the penalty, they were some who were of the opinion that the uniform has its own sanctity which in no way should be abused:


What do you guys think? Did the female officer cross a line or was ASF unfair to her? Here’s the viral video by the way: