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After their latest stint on Coke Studio Season 11 becoming the saving grace of an otherwise flailing episode last Sunday, Chand Tara Orchestra now seems to be aiming for something even bigger than ‘Nami Danam.’

Talking to Something Haute, Babar Sheikh – one part of the four-man group comprising Rizwan Ullah Khan, Sherry Raza, and Omran Shafique – confirmed that the band is now looking towards creating not only a new single but also an album.

“When we were asked to be featured on Coke Studio, we were honoured to be a part of it, along with other artists who like us, were highly experimental and gutsy,” the musician said. “Our track, ‘Nami Danam’, was highly-appreciated and so riding on the high of this, right after Muharram we will be releasing a single. And right after that, we’ll be looking to release an album.”



Babar also confirmed that like the band’s previous music, the album will work on experimentations with various musical genres and instruments.

“It will be an interesting mix of all the sounds we’ve been experimenting with,” he said. “From folk influences to really grand sounding ambient pieces, you will get a different feel from each track. With CTO we never really think that we have to make a specific song, whatever feels right, we do that.”

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