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With Shaan Shahid making quite a buzz as Arth 2 inches near its release, he’s definitely making some heads turn too with his cutthroat comments on other actors! The most recent one being his Khuda Kay Liye co-star, Fawad Khan.

Speaking to BBC Urdu’s Fifi Haroon, Shaan talked about the need for cross-border trade between films, why India doesn’t need to ‘import Pakistani actors’, and the lack of  important roles in Bollywood for Pakistani celebs.

“In India, they already have so many stars, they don’t need to import from here,” Shaan said. “For example, when Khoobsurat released, almost every Indian actor rejected the film because it was female-centric. A big hero wouldn’t accept a film where the male character is second-lead.”

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When pointed out that it was Fawad, whose role became the most popular, Shaan said, “His [Fawad Khan] looks are more popular than his acting skills.”

Fifi during the chat, also pointed that Shaan too, is good looking.

“Only looking good isn’t just it, doing good work is equally important for fans to remember you by,” he replied.

Although one may agree or disagree with the actor, we surely feel some interesting things were said!

Hear the whole interview here.