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There were OMG moments and there were WTF moments. If you thought day one was bad in terms of designer lineup then you’ve got another thought coming. I have never, ever seen such an excess of bad fashion crammed into one day. With the exception of Fahad Husseyn, Munib Nawaz, Maheen Khan for Nishat and the marvelous Adnan Pardesy, this day crash landed fashion and brought any buzz generated on Day 2 to a screeching halt. Whatever has happened to the fashion council’s sense of design excellence and subsequent selection process? I cannot believe for a second that any of the council governors – Rizwan Beyg, Maheen Khan or Deepak Perwani – could possibly see any potential in so many of the designers who have done nothing but burn fashion at the stake. Were they so desperate for funding that they allowed anyone who could pay, a spot on this revered platform? Today I truly felt sorry for fashion because never before have I seen it being prostituted so brazenly. For details come back tomorrow…I have to wallow in misery right now.

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