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– I quite felt the buzz on the first day of FPW3. Despite the heat and the long walk to the venue, there was fashion in the air and style in most of the runway shows. In brief:

– It was great meeting so many bloggers and twitterers that one encounters in cyberspace but hardly gets to meet.

– Depilex’s terrible Hair & Makeup at the recently held Showcase made one appreciate Sab’s Hair & Make up at FPW3. She really has come a long way and did a great job of creating slick, clean looks for models.

– As Karma works with Asmaa Mumtaz, Sanam Chaudhri worked with Ayaz Khan, Rana and Maha Burney for the styling of her show. Ideally each designer should be putting in that extra effort for fashion week showings.

– The backdrop needs to lose some logos.

A bit about the shows:

1. Bunto Kazmi’s vintage show was absolutely priceless. It wasn’t fashion but then she has never called herself a fashion designer. She is the best when it comes to revivalist couture and her masterpieces proved it.

2. The day belonged to Sanam Chaudhri and her neon parachute collection. The fact that Mathira had a TOP DROP malfunction drew more attention to an already successful show.

3. Sanam Agha disappointed with more misses than hits in a very mixed collection. Her last collection shown at Karachi Fashion Week was impressive but something went terribly wrong this time.

4. Ayesha Hashwani showed her best collection yet. One of Pakistan’s few ‘society’ designers (that include Shehla Chatoor, Sanya Muneer and once Sana Safinaz though they have broken out), she has an aesthetic that is quite common to her genre but she tried very hard to break out of the stereotype and actually partly managed to.

5. Pinx. Jinx. Enough said. Pinky Durrani should have been edited out. It was a really bad collection

6. Arsalaan & Yahseer showed potential in having a good summer palette and well finished tailoring but like most new menswear designers got lost in the attempt to do too much edgy, kitschy clothing that comes across as impractical and unwearable.

7. Maheen Khan, in a hastily designed collection, showed that she has the cutting edge for fashion. The collection began with quirky whites that blend towards black. The backs, I felt, carried the sexiness of most outfits.

I’ll keep adding more pictures. Sorry!

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