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Here’s the second half of Day 1 of Fashion Pakistan Week…

Cat strolls onto the catwalk :)

Cat strolls onto the catwalk 🙂

That was very cute but I do think the hotel management needs to take notice. We had a runaway rat last season, a cat this time and expect a puppy next up. Also, PC needs to perk up it’s wifi. We are in the twenty first century, you know!

Ahsan Nazir: GLOBAL

Ahsan Nazir: GLOBAL

Had I kept my eyes down and saw the shoes only, I would have loved this segment. The music was fabulous too. But Ahsan Nazir’s designs were a disaster. Not at all runway material or fashion material. The mood board was global but they reminded one of a meettha paan, replete with the multi colour saunf and candied fruit. And as much as I enjoy the occasional paan, I don’t think I can these clothes. Ever.

Emraan Rajput: DENIM

Emraan Rajput: DENIM

This wasn’t a bad collection but I’m not entirely convinced of Mr Rajput’s talent as a designer. Something doesn’t gel and I’ll eventually get to the bottom of it. That said, this was a neat showing, except for the awkward opening shorts (or were they hot pants) and the three trousers that had embroidery around the crotch for no rhyme, reason or visual balance.

Aamna Aqeel FINDING GLORY modelled very well by TV Icon Sarwat Gillani


This was the most exciting collection of the evening, supported by the fact that it was an ethos that the designer Aamna Aqeel is comfortable and reflective of. The clothes were a little bit of sexy, flashy and modern with everything from lace, leather pants to red carpet gowns studded with metal for women who want to bring the sexy back in their lives. Impeccable finish and tastefully done. Well done for a debutante.

Faiza Saqlain with MARVI

Faiza Saqlain with MARVI

Thesis collection at best and worst, most of Faiza Saqlain’s Marvi fell into severely unfashionable territory. Can’t believe she is a PIFD graduate (which btw Ahsan Nazir of Meetha Paan fame is too).



After impressing with two consecutively solid collections, Aneeka Cheema of Baani D could not uphold the standard with this third. It turned strangely western whereas the signature and attraction of this brand was always ethnic done in an interesting way. I do wish they had stuck to that.

That’s all folks! Day 2 tomorrow…

Photography by Faisal Farooqui at Lotus, PR Lotus, Choreography Frieha Altaf and Hair and Makeup by Sab’s.


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