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Omar Farooq


After living for almost two years in a world where comfort and utility defined fashion, fast fashion seems to be a thing of the past. However, sticking to fundamental pieces isn’t as simple as we perceive. Wardrobe essentials or staples are also tough to pull off if worn as an after-thought. In order for your wardrobe to fit the modern times, it is ideal to add a few versatile pieces that never get boring.

In a conversation with Aamna Isani of Something Haute, menswear brand Republic’s creative force Omar Farooq talked about wardrobe essentials that can be used season after season, how fashion in Pakistan has evolved over the decades, and how men can up their style game.

Omar talked about his brand and how his philosophy has always been to be at the backend, focusing on the creative process.

“Every brand needs a face and an identity as well. I have always sort of shied away from being the front face of the brand. I believe that my ability lies more in design and how to grow the brand and have a vision for it. If your design philosophy is very clear and your understanding of how and where you see your brand, people will get that picture as well.”

He was all praises for Gen-Z and appreciated their fashion sense and willingness to experiment.

“Now people are becoming more independent. They feel that they can experiment and spend money on themselves.”

Omar shared a few words of wisdom and fashion tips for men with which they can never go wrong.

Basics take precedence

“Everyone should have basic t-shirts in their wardrobe and good-fitted ones. Whether they are oversized or regular fits, ensure that you have colours like black, white, and heather grey. If you like to wear prints with your t-shirts that’s up to you but first, get your basics and essentials ready and then move to the things you want to experiment with.”



White Pique Polo Shirt (Credits: Republic)



Blue Pique Polo Shirt (Credits: Republic)

Timeless stripes

“Have striped shirts in white, blue and black. Also, have basic trousers such as black and brown. Likewise, you should have basic colours for eastern wear.”

Suit yourself

“Every guy should have a black suit, a navy blue suit, and a charcoal grey suit. Your wardrobe is completely empty without these colours.”


Charcoal grey Suit (Credits: Republic}


Eastern wear

“When basics are out of the way, in eastern wear, get a kurta with a little bit of embroidery. Embroidery doesn’t mean over-the-top colours. Go for something subtle, for instance, something white-on-white, black-on-black, or blue-on-blue.”

The bling sherwani

Omar also praised Pakistani celebrities, who in his opinion, have developed good fashion sense.

About Ahad Raza Mir, who recently did a campaign for him, he said:

“Ahad’s personal style is something that is very inspiring. He is slightly understated. He is very personal about his life which resonates well with the brand.”

He was also all praises for Bilal Abbas Khan .

“Bilal has a great personal style and he is also a very good human being at the same time.”

He also announced the launch of his new brand with his wife:

“My wife and I have started a new brand it’s called AOMI which means river or water in Japanese. It is a contemporary luxury brand that is going to launch very soon and Yousaf Shehzad is one of the faces.”


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