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King of colour, ace designer Nomi Ansari took social media by surprise over the weekend when Pakistan’s newly-launched private airline — AirSial — announced on Twitter that he has designed uniforms for the airline’s passenger service and cabin crew.

Airlines have a long history of engaging fashion designers in designing uniforms that signify distinct roles of staff members in the workplace as well as project their identity, while reflecting prevailing fashion. In 1966, Pakistan International Airline (PIA) uniforms were designed by famous French fashion designer, Pierre Cardin. His design will always be remembered as a good fusion of elegance and function. Keeping up with the tradition, AirSial approached Nomi late last year.

“We’ve made uniforms for the cabin crew and the lower ground staff. The project started late last year and then life came to a halt due to the Covid-19 pandemic and everything was delayed till now,” Nomi shared in an exclusive chat with Something Haute.

Talking about the design of the uniforms, Nomi revealed details about the style and palette.

“We have designed a very nice princess-cut tailored shirt with tailored pants and a jacket on top. It is paired with printed scarfs and a cap. The scarfs come in different variations to differentiate the lower ground staff and the cabin crew, and the air purser. The cabin crew has a different colour piping and different scarf. The colour of the uniform is same for all and it’s a really nice army olive green,” he said.

AirSial is launched by Sialkot’s business community and as the city is a business hub, Nomi shared that they have kept an international feel in the uniforms in accordance.

“We’ve kept a very international feel because the airline hopes to start international flights in the future. They (uniforms) should look good if someone is walking in or out of an international airport,” he added.


Nomi Ansari

Nomi has also been affiliated with PIA uniforms; his proposed designs for flight crew were chosen out of 16 designers, in a fashion show organized by PIA. After a year’s delay, back in August 2016, his designed attire became PIA’s official uniform.


Nomi Ansari

PIA Uniforms


When asked how different is the silhouette of this uniform from the one he designed for PIA, Nomi mentioned that they are totally different.

“Yes, it is quite different. We live in a country where every design comes out in 3 piece. If we look at lawn, everything looks the same, even with big designer labels, you’re unable to differentiate between lawn joras. We have certain rules, regulations, restrictions and culture so, we can’t go totally off the rails. But, of course, the silhouette is different. It is a different uniform, with different colour, cut, neckline, length and style altogether,” he emphasized.

The airline also lauded Nomi for his contribution and posted a thank you note on social media: