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After Pakistani singer Farhad Humayun announced that he had been diagnosed with a brain tumour last month, the headliner of Overload has now revealed that he has gone through a successful surgery to remove it.

Taking to social media, the musician posted a live video in which he could be seen talking about his post-surgery experience. According to the singer, while he is swiftly recovering, there are moments where he has to be careful in not laughing ‘too loudly’ or in speaking.

Farhad has since then also posted about making his first public appearance after the surgery.

“Made my first public appearance in months, last night, among friends fans and well-wishers, after my life-altering surgery,” he posted. “Thank you for the love, light, and prayers. To infinity & beyond!”

Previously, Farhad had told fans that a seizure was the first symptom of his illness and that his doctor believes his ‘active and healthy lifestyle and general attitude of positivity’ will contribute to his quick recovery. He also said that his ‘family has been his biggest strength.’