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Imagine a two-year-old being stuck in a house all alone, with no means of survival and everything strategically set to hurt her. Now, imagine her beating all those odds and actually coming out alive of it all. This is what Pihu – a film based on true events faced by a toddler in India, is all about.

Set on a milieu of tumultuous relationships and marital issues, Pihu is by-far the most thrilling narrative out of Bollywood in a long time. But, what makes it so special to have won the accolades and achieve cult-status that it already has? We have the lowdown…


Pihu makes two-year-old Myra Vishwakarma actually act

Praised for making an actual toddler act so brilliantly, Pihu is already garnering attention from all around the globe. Myra, who essays the eponymous role has reportedly been enlisted in the Guinness Book of Records for being the youngest actress to act in a film ever.


Pihu is not a horror movie, but it is scary

The best part of this thriller is that it doesn’t mean to give you the hackneyed jump-scares or the random ghosts to conjure a reaction from the audiences. It shows a real-life situation, which in all of its hysteria, makes you scared for little Pihu. Can you imagine a child dangling by the balcony? We can’t!


Pihu is a metaphor for the closeted dysfunctional lives we live

The film quite smartly makes a metaphor out of the narrative, as it reveals a society where domestic violence and dysfunctional relationships have such a major impact on children. It also shows the true reality of life in a metropolis where the lack of concern for those beyond one’s kith and kin is so glaring.


Pihu makes one realise there are so many dangers lying around at home

Remember, every home has appliances, and then there are also wires, glass, medicines, household cleaning detergents, insects, which really make every step a child takes riddled with danger. This realisation of the enormity of the situation of a two-year-old being at home alone is surely enough for any parent to think about!


Pihu makes for a crisp 90-minute narrative

Filmmaker Vinod Kapri and his three editors have gruelingly sifted through 64 hours of footage to get that point across nicely, and it shows! Far beyond a normal thriller, the film gives out the message it needs to in its 90-minute runtime. It could have been a short film, yes, but the director’s aesthetic sense makes it strong enough for it to work without feeling dragged.