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In a world where the age of Millennials has swiftly taken over, Fanta is taking youth culture to the next level by announcing elections to vote for the first ever Fanta Teen Marketing Officer #FantaTMO.

This one-of-a-kind campaign is being led by popular comedian Zaid Ali T, who has shortlisted the final 2 candidates for this Fanta-stic position. We have Hina Altaf of Udaari fame VS the girl with a guitar, Maria Unera. Each one of the #FantaTMO candidates has made a significant name for themselves in the industry as well in the hearts of thousands of their millennials fans.

However, what has us hooked as the fun-filled debate that Zaid Ali has started with the two! Asking some simple questions, the comedian has tried to bring the best side of both the girls out! Will it be the bubbly Hina or the fiery Maria who we’ll end up supporting? We just can’t decide!

While we may still be undecided, here’s your chance to gear up and vote for your favourite!

With both garnering so much fame, we are sure the competition will be a tough one! Maria and Hina have announced their campaign slogan, and are calling for votes now! This is where things get serious!

On one hand, there’s the rockstar Maria, who says “Fun is where the action is”

While the other, the fun-loving diva, Hina calls out fans to “Get together for fun!”


Exciting to see both girls focusing on fun as the vital aspect, which makes this campaign even more funtastic. After all, be it, teens or adults, there’s always room for some extra fun in our lives. Voting for the TMO is set to take place online on 21st October and it’s now in our hands to choose who has the most knack for fun, and is worthy of starting the legacy of Fanta’s 1st ever TMO! Who is your favourite and whom will you be voting for?

Catch up on all the action here:

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