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Pakistani singer/songwriter and TV host Fakhr-e-Alam’s dream finally becomes a reality as he makes history by successfully completing his solo journey of circumnavigating the globe.

He planned to become the first Pakistani to circumnavigate the globe solo. Fakhre Alam took to Twitter to share that Mission Parwaaz has been completed. “Pakistan #MissionParwaaz Mission Accomplished we are now in the history books of aviation.”



He faced a major obstacle during the final leg of his trip as he was detained at the Russian airport for flying with an expired visa. Yet, he succeeded to reach out to Pakistani Ambassador to Russia, Qazi Khalil Ullah who then provided support in the continuation of his flight.

“The flag is up….it’s done…Pakistan congrats we have our 1st successful circumnavigation of the globe in any mode of transportation…. #MissionParwaaz.” he proudly shared!


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