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Sania Maskatiya and Umair Tabani have had a very busy year. From Umair’s wedding that almost clashed with Sania’s New York Fashion Week showing, to maintaining their latest project, Sania Studio, things have been manic. However, if one thought that was enough, the two have plenty more in store.

Sania just confirmed that she will be showing at New York Fashion Week again in February; if that isn’t proof of a successful foray into the international market then nothing is. She will, however, also be showing at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week in Lahore, she confirmed to Something Haute. A regular at the PFDC L’Oreal Bridal Week, Sania couldn’t show her festive collection in Lahore this year because of Umair’s wedding, which Umair laughed was in fact just as much, if not more work that fashion week!

But it’s New York on their mind right now.


Taking a bow at NYFW, Sania still has mehndi on her hands from Umair’s wedding!


“It was a learning experience,” Sania responded talking about her experience at NYFW. “It’s not like here; we didn’t know anyone in New York. People in the audience clapped and the committee said it loved the collection, which is what we’re going with. Things are very systematic there and we need to have proper PR and agents, to begin with. We’re talking to people and we’re looking at opportunities; somebody who can get us into the right stores and stuff – take this forward.”

They obviously are taking it forward.

Apart from that, in another few months, Sania Maskatiya will also be moving her flagship store from Bokhari Commercial to a brand new concept store in Clifton, which will set a new standard in fashion retail.

We’re looking forward to all these developments.