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Upcoming film Actor in Law is buzzing for several reasons. First, it’s been made by the same team that gave us the uber-entertaining Na Maloom Afraad. Secondly, it has a stellar cast including Fahad Mustafa and Mehwish Hayat in lead roles and the veteran Om Puri in the role of sarpanch. I’m not a fan of Fahad Mustafa but he can act and though Mehwish Hayat tends to go overboard she does look gorgeous and does her job more than adequately. Om Puri brings his comic timing and experience to the table. He’s the lawyer and his son, Shan Mirza, apparently is the son who only acts as if he’s one.

The trailer, under three minutes long, taps into the troubles and trials of life in Pakistan and pokes popular culture in the eye while at it. There are references made to social media, game shows (there’s no mistaking the referencing to Mubashar Luqman who we see as Mudasar Sultan), then there appears to be an allusion to Ayaan as well as Ayesha Sana – ‘tight karein judge sahab, tight karein! And of course the overall condition of life in Pakistan, which includes power breakdowns, minority oppression, sectarian clashes etc, makes the basis of the story.

Fizza Ali Meerza and Nabeel Qureshi appear to have a winning formula in Actor in Law, which releases on Eid ul Azha and looks like a block buster already!

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