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Okay, so maybe not everything but enough to get you excited.

The country’s most credible, most consistent and most eagerly anticipated awards are just around the corner and they promise to be a big, big show. To think that a show this big could continue without controversy would be extremely naïve and so locked, stocked and ready with its share of chin-wagging, the event is ready to roll louder than ever before. Here are a couple of things you should chalk up as vital info on the program…

It’s the LSAs 15th anniversary!

The Lux Style Awards has the honour of being the only award show – celebrating excellence in entertainment, music and fashion in Pakistan – that has shown the consistency of commitment by happening every year since it commenced in 2002. There were unfortunate dips in the scale of the event, falling especially low when winners were honoured in a studio shoot one year and at a high tea another. But this year’s 15th anniversary show promises to salvage all that with an event that promises to be grand. It may not surpass the grandeur of 2007, when the LSAs flew out to Malaysia, but it’ll be a super show all the same.

Ali Zafar to host the show

Ali Zafar may have found immeasurable stardom across the border but he certainly isn’t inaccessible when needed back home and therefore will be bringing in his charms as the main host this year.

“It’s an honour to be hosting the Lux Style Awards this year on their grand 15 year celebration,” Ali Zafar said. “This is going to be my first time hosting a full show and I hope I can do something refreshing and grand. There are some surprises in store which I am excited about. I hope I can do justice to it.”

The show will be interspersed with other hosts as well and we can expect to see Ahmed Ali Butt and Yasir Hussain bring their fantastic brand of comedy to the program. Add Marwa Hocane and Aamina Sheikh to that list. It promises to be a fun ride and wait…before you’re left wondering, Fawad Khan of course will be there and we’d tell you more but some things are better left to surprise.

Mahira Khan to perform onstage

It’ll be an award ceremony coup of sorts and this is a big one. You may have seen and enjoyed Mahira’s moves on the big screen but she’ll be bringing her footwork to the LSA stage for the very first time this year. Yes, you read it right!

Pakistan’s sweetheart, Mahira will be performing to her own songs including ‘Balle Balle’ and ‘Shakar Wandaan’ amongst other tracks. Nomi Ansari has been working with the superstar to design her looks for the segment, thus ensuring it’ll ooze glamour, colour and vibrancy.

A music-heavy program

The Lux Style Awards are known for acknowledging excellence in all fields of entertainment and fashion and music has been a pivotal part of each year’s show. This year is no different as it features an entire segment dedicated to music handpicked from film OST’s, popular drama serials, original albums and singles.

Ali Zafar will be kicking off the event with a song he has written as tribute to 15 years of the LSAs. Looking forward to fun and dance there. Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed will host the music segment. Songs from Manto and Moor (both films had fantastic soundtracks) will be celebrated and the music segment will also feature TV serial soundtracks, like that of Diyar e Dil. It will be a mixed bag but a very well-orchestrated one.

Amjad Sabri tribute

Amjad Sabri opened the show last year and there are very few words that can describe the level of tragedy that he is no longer with us today. The show, however, cannot go on without paying homage to the legend and it will be done via a solemn tribute featuring Ali Zafar, Quratulain Baloch, Ali Sethi, Hadiqa Kiyani and Farhan Saeed amongst others.

Amjad Sabri will also be posthumously given the Lifetime Achievement Award.


– This article first appeared in Instep on 26th July 2016


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