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The fashion stage has been set for winter, and guess which fabric is going to rule winter trends this year? Velvet is making a strong comeback in winter fashion for 2023. It’s prevalent in both high-end couture and everyday streetwear, with a variety of styles and colors. This timeless fabric has a consistent presence in the fashion world.

But here’s the exciting part: Fashion designer Nadia Farooqui has introduced a new formal wear line called ‘The Esmir – Luxe Velvet Collection.’ This collection combines the timeless elegance of velvet with a modern twist, offering a luxurious and textured design that merges traditional and contemporary styles. Don’t miss out on this velvet affair!

Nadia Farooqui’s signature design aesthetics

Nadia Farooqui is the creative force behind her fashion label, known for a distinctive style appealing to women of all ages. Her designs blend contemporary silhouettes with classic detailing, resulting in unique and versatile ensembles. She offers a wide range of styles, catering to both modern, fashion-forward individuals and those who appreciate classic elegance.

Nadia Farooqui’s fashion line offers a diverse range of clothing, including semi-formals, casuals, and pret-formals, suitable for various occasions. Her designs feature a blend of colors, patterns, and styles that exude originality and elegance, ensuring you’ll look distinctive in any setting.

Esmir – A velvety love affair

The ‘Esmir Collection,’ Nadia Farooqui’s most recent masterpiece, is proof of her unmatched talent. This collection, which puts an emphasis on sumptuous velvet, allows you to delve into the decadent, rich world of this iconic fabric. Every ensemble is a handmade, precisely constructed piece of art that captures the spirit of winter charm.

This formal collection features five flawlessly designed ensembles stunningly depict how velvet can be stylish, opulent and extremely practical.

Cosmic Romance

Cosmic Romance shines in the velvet sky of the Esmir Collection like a star. It’s a long velvet jacket with zardozi, tilla, and resham handwork, in a rich mulberry color with contrasting cuffs.

Pair this edgy jacket with crushed culottes for a unique look that is sure to turn heads and stop hearts this season.


The radiant midnight blue kaftan, Aylin is like a stunning piece of stardust. It’s encrusted with detailed pearl, zardozi, and resham handwork that looks like glittering stars on velvet’s deep blue backdrop. All you need to complete this standout and must-have winter look is a spectacular pair of earrings.


Narina is a stunning crushed peshwas and a masterwork of artistic creation. With cutwork at the back, the velvet yoke features an intricate combination of resham and zardozi embroidery. The peshwas is paired with a gold lamé dupatta with velvet and gotta accents. Narina, brings back the traditional appeal of peshwas and is perfect to make you the center of attention whenever you choose to wear it.


This winter, let the Azakali shirt do the talking. A striking velvet kurta with an open front, embellished with detailed gotta and zardozi embroidery. The contrasting jamavaar culottes and the delicate net dupatta with gotta sprinkles; perfectly complement the rich color scheme of this ensemble.


A rich, deep teal velvet outfit, Mehru, is lavishly hand-embroidered with gotta and resham. It’s the type of attire that is ideal for mehndi and rukhsati ceremonies, the loose style of the kurta is well coupled with tapered pants shalwar and a chunri dupatta as the finishing touch. This ensemble perfectly captures the romance of winter.

Shop Your Favorites

Nadia Farooqui’s fashion line offers a diverse range of designs, covering various styles. Whether you prefer online shopping or an in-person experience, there are options to suit your preference.

If you’re in Karachi, you can visit Nadia Farooqui’s studio for a personalized shopping experience. The studio is a creative and stylish space with a wide selection of clothing, including casual and formal attire.

For the convenience of shopping Esmir’s timeless elegance, you can also shop online through:

Nadia Farooqui’s designs can be ordered and shipped globally via her website while people in Pakistan can avail free shipping.

So whether you decide to visit her Karachi studio or browse through the website, Nadia Farooqui’s latest collection will certainly add a touch of luxury and classic elegance to your wardrobe.

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