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Actor and producer Humayun Saeed has spent over two decades in the entertainment industry. He has greatly contributed to the field and plans to continue using his popularity and the medium to raise awareness and promote positivity.

Recently, the Meray Paas Tum Ho star tweeted about female doctors not being able to practice after graduation due to Pakistan’s obsession with doctor bahu [daughter-in-law].

“Disappointed to find out that only one out of four female doctors practice after graduation in Pakistan because of family pressure. Thinking of a new project, maybe to highlight this issue. Let’s encourage women to pursue their dreams,” he wrote, with the hashtag #DoctorBahu.



Doctor bahus are in great demand across the country, however, they are rarely ‘allowed’ to practice leading years of hard work to go to waste. Considering how important this issue is, he wants to address it in his upcoming project.

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The tweet grabbed the attention of several social media users who were quick to add their thoughts regarding the matter.





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