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It is that time of year when temperatures start to drop and you don’t want to be without a warm winter coat. However, one can’t compromise on fashion or style either. The right style of coat can do wonders for you and upgrade your overall personality.

In fact, with the right kind of twist and experimenting, it can even add more charm to your personality. However, many times, the essential items of winter clothing are often overlooked. Most of us often fail to put in effort when it comes to choosing the right type of coat.

Saving us time and energy, retail brands have come to our rescue with the perfect ready to wear solutions

Diners’ latest winter collection is already in stores, bringing an end to your worry and hunt for the perfect coat. Now you can easily choose from a complete range of styles, fabrics, cuts and colours that match your taste.



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In addition, Sohaye by Diners is the ultimate stop for women’s wardrobe essentials and includes a fabulous line of sweaters, shawls and shrugs that you can snuggle up in and yet remain stylish.

Winter West ’21 features coats, trendy sweaters and capes that are classic but never boring.



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The fashion industry always needs to look ahead, predict trends and anticipate the needs and desires of consumers. Diners has always been ahead of the curb when it comes to trends and keeping a check on the constantly changing needs and demands.

Its expansion is also a testament to the keen eye and awareness it has when catering to the market.

With more than 90 stores across Pakistan and the option to shop online, your perfect pick is never too far away. Whether it’s Islamabad or Karachi, the right coat to cater to every temperature is a staple that all wardrobes should have.