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One of the biggest news over the weekend that surprised many and became a source of joy was that Sohai Ali Abro shared a reel which was also an announcement that she is the mother of a baby girl.

The actor tied the knot with cricketer and trainer Shehzar Mohammad, grandson of legendary cricketer Hanif Mohammad, in March 2021. The couple are now proud parents of a baby girl. While Sohai never announced the birth, she put her pictures in a reel to wish her husband birthday on Sunday.

She shared a montage on Instagram and penned a heartfelt caption. “Happy happy birthday Daddy cool!” she wrote. “Thanks to you everything in our life got a lot sweeter and true happiness found us. Mama bear and baby bear love you wayyy too much.”

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Her peers and friends from the industry congratulated her and send her a lot of well wishes. Here are a few pictures of the baby girl playing with her father. Sohai hasn’t revealed her name in the post.

Her fans are ecstatic to find out the news and are also very happy to find out why the actress was missing from the screens.

Sohai was last seen in ARY Digitalโ€™s drama Prem Galiย as Joya, as well as in a comic avatar in Vasay Chaudhryโ€™s web show as Saeen Sikki Shah inย Ghabrana Nahi Hai.

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