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A chilly night in Lahore saw Depilex debut its very first hair and makeup show, one that covered all aspects of hair and makeup and put forth an applaudable presentation. Taking place at the Royal Palm, things were abuzz as the black carpet was rolled out against the black and white themed space, in-sync with the monochrome outfits that were paired with the looks that would soon be revealed. Designers Umar Sayeed, Zaheer Abbas (also the show director of the night), Munib Nawaz and Zuria Dor contributed to the show, while stars like Meera jee, the legendary Shabnam and Adnan Siddiqui took the spotlight as they came out to show their support for Musarrat Misbah.

The presentation was short and sweet, as new and old models alike paraded down the black catwalk to the sound of upbeat tunes. The Depilex Reveal 2017, put forth elaborate hair and makeup looks in three categories: bridal, avant-garde and hair colours, some unique and eye-catching while others were more practical and subtle.


Hair Colours




The year has ended in a flourish of rainbows it feels, since crazy fun colours are definitely the new IT thing. While most girls today are going for the safe option of dying a few strands, Depilex went all out to make a bright statement! Full hair dyed in multiple shades of blue or purple  to make an interesting gradient might just be the makeover your hair needs. Of course there were also the subtle shades of ashy blondes and brown, but why be subtle when you can be experimenting with so much more!


Avant-Garde Hair and Makeup




These gothic inspired looks made quite the spectacle, and had the audience marvel at the intricate level of mastery that evidently went into each look. A whole headgear made out of braided hair or a thick floor sweeping warrior-princess like braid isn’t something you see everyday! Paired with the deconstructed eye-brows and subtle metallic lips, the avant-garde segment was quite the show.


Bridal Hair and Makeup




Of course no local show is complete without a full dose of bridal inspiration! Keeping things conventional and practical, most of the looks featured up-dos which are what brides choose to opt for. Back-combed and neatly pinned, the hairdos featured volume and drama and were paired with smokey eyes and bold lips – a classic favourite.