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While you may love the much-awaited winter season after a gruelingly hot summer, your skin feels otherwise. It’s not easy to keep your skin moisturized in the face of weather cracking and chapping your every crevice. So, who really knows the secrets behind managing to look glamorous as ever, even in the harshest of weathers and will to spill all their secrets? Celebs, of course!

We asked the stars of the industry on how they manage to make the best of their skincare in the cold climate. From oils to moisturizers, here are some necessary winter beauty essentials from these flawless stars.


Maya Ali

 Maya Ali


Television’s favourite girl-next-door, Maya Ali has proven that not only is she an amazing actress but also has flawless skin to go ga-ga over! After all, not anyone can just become the Lux girl.

According to the actress, her winter go-to products are simple and handy.

“There is no specific regime I follow, but I always carry and use lip balm and hand moisturiser in winter,” Maya reveals.


Sarish Khan



Glamour comes naturally for this talented actress, and it shows. Whether it’s her starry looks or her charming personality courtesy grandmother, Sabiha Khanum, Sarish Khan is one actor to look out for.

However, even the most glamorous have their beauty secrets, and now we know hers!

“One item I love using in the winter is the La Mer Renewal Oil,”Sarish said. “It’s perfect for a daily routine year round but especially beneficial in the winter because of the added hydration and glow it gives your skin.”

That’s not all, she even has a great tip to give away.

“Use it as a base under your moisturizer or before bed to give your skin the extra boost in the winter because ‘Baby it’s cold outside.’”


Nausheen Shah



She’s a trailblazer, her fashion is always en-pointe, and her look is always classy. There can’t be any other like Nausheen Shah and we stand by it.

Although the winter months are all about nurturing skin, Nausheen also believes in hydrating your body along with it as well.

“I use Physiogel hypoallergenic products, deep cleansing my skin, and I drink at least 4-5 liters of water every day,” she reveals.


Mehwish Hayat


Mehwish Hayat


There’s no doubt that she’s one of the biggest names in the industry at the moment. Whether it’s her back-to-back hits at the box office or her singing career, Mehwish Hayat is soaring high right now! So, how does this diva keep herself perfect to a tee every moment? here’s the secret!

“Taking care of yourself is key in this industry,” Mehwish said. “To achieve balance, you need a combination of good nutrition, exercise and skin care products. I’ve recently started using and loving La Mer moisturizer. Bu,t I’m going to have the say the best product for beating winter dryness is Vaseline! I’ve used it ever since I was a child.”

The actress also tips to stay hydrated throughout the season, and we can’t help but agree wholeheartedly!


Frieha Altaf



If not on the runway, you’ll see Frieha Altaf in front of it giving directions to a plethora of models as they sashay down. She’s the brains behind tons of media events in the city, and although going through the same tiring schedule every day, she manages to look like a million bucks always.

Her secret? A product available in all households of course!

“Winter and dry skin go hand in hand. Nivea body cream on my entire body constantly after showers and baths is what I do,” Frieha claims. “In fact, it’s on my bedside table and my lounge, so I’m constantly lathering my skin!”


Sanam Saeed & Mansha Pasha



A beauty secret kept for the last – but certainly not the least – is something that not just one, but two leading ladies of the industry stand by. Whether it’s Mansha Pasha or Sanam Saeed, both recommend coconut oil in winter as their  secret behind flawless hair, skin, and body.


Now that you know all the winter essentials our celebs adore, which ones are you going to try?