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Three reasons why the trailer of DMPS leaves us looking forward to the film. 


‘Look, but with Love’, the title literally means. And one can’t help watching the first trailer of the film with interest and affection. It’s a good looking two minutes, featuring what seems like a film revolving around two characters. And while both of them provide a pleasant dose of eye candy, it has to be said that Humaima Malick completely dominates the screen.


DMPS appears to be a film led by a female protagonist, which is quite refreshing. It’s also great for Humaima, who rose to unprecedented heights with her award-winning debut in Shoaib Mansoor’s Bol in 2011. It showed the world that Humaima can act, she has screen presence and most significantly, that’s she’s a big screen actor. She may have lost some of that credit when she landed a tiny inconsequential role in Raja Natwarlal but DMPS promises to redeem her glory.


How and whether Dekh Magar Pyaar Say will deliver as a film is the million-dollar question. What exactly does the first trailer suggest?




First of all, it’s a film that will be pleasant on the eyes, which is very welcome. Having seen the underbelly of Pakistan exposed in one film too many, to see things livened up for the big screen is something we can all look forward to. Lahore looks spruced up and fresh, the rickshaws look stylishly colourful, the costumes (by HSY) are glamorous and the cinematography is visually appealing.


DMPS looks like a two-character film but these two characters may be enough for the story to ride on. Humaima Malick completely rules her screen space and Sikander Rizvi, in his debut, shows potential. The camera loves him and the fact that he is Nur Jehan’s grandson does him huge favours. He may not be your average rickshaw driver but then he is what every girl wishes their average rickshaw driver would look like. Sikander does play into the fantasy and it helps that he retains his actual name, even his nickname ‘Sikki’.


The third thing that strikes positive about the film is its soundtrack. The full OST has not released yet but it is obvious that the director, Asad ul Haq, has taken a very modern, contemporary and stylistic approach to DMPS’s music. A remake of the classic Punjabi tune, ‘Kaala Doriya’ is the one song that pops up in the trailer and it features fashion model cum actress in a dance number. To be fair, it looks like a traditional wedding track as opposed to an item number. An electronic version of Nusrat Fateh Ali’s ‘Dillagi’ also plays in the background.


Dekh Magar Pyaar Say releases on August 14, 2015.

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