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As if the waves around their marriage weren’t enough, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh have made even more buzz when the actress revealed that the couple had been engaged since the last four years and managed to kept it a secret.

According to Filmfare, the report suggests that she got engaged to Ranveer four years ago,  and since then had been enjoying the bliss of being committed to the Simmba actor without making anyone aware of it. The actress also opened up about what took her so long to say yes to husband Ranveer for the wedding and what makes everything so special with him.


Although Filmfare has kept the details about what she said regarding the matter under wraps for the moment, we’re sure this internet breaking confessions from the queen herself, will surely make people wonder how they managed to make it such a well-kept secret.

Is this the reason why they always looked just so perfect and madly in love with each other all these years? We surely think so!