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After the critical success of their track ‘Nami Danam‘ on Coke Studio Season 11, Sufi-rock ensemble, Chand Tara Orchestra has seen a steady but powerful rise in the last few months. Now, charting that upward climb, the band has released its first volume album.

Comprising a number of kalaams by various revered saints and poets of the subcontinent such as Baba Bulleh Shah and Ameer Khusrau, CTO’s latest offering was introduced to a select number of musicians and journalists in Karachi at a private event on Thursday night.

At the event, the guests were made to listen to the album’s highlighted tracks, which included the hits that had introduced CTO to the music scene a year or so ago such as ‘Makki Madni‘ and ‘Khaak Nasheen.’

Mixing their rendition of Sufi classics with a set number of unique instruments such as the harmonica and the tabla, CTO — which largely consists of Omran ‘Momo’ Shafique, Babar Sheikh, Sherry, and Rizwanullah — have kept the tracks true to their origin and manage to create a soulful aura around them.


Chand Tara Orchestra


“Any piece of art, if it doesn’t have anything different to offer to the already existing community, I think then there’s no point of it,” Babar told Something Haute. “I am really not concerned what a wave this will make, but I think this is our interpretation of tradition where we have mixed folk with psychedelic rock amongst other things, and we love it.”

The tracklist, which includes ‘Rung De, Nami Danam, Ishq Kamal‘,’Medha Dil‘,’Khaak Nasheen‘, and ‘Makki Madni,’ amongst others have been a vital part of the Sufi history of the region, and that is what Sherry, the lead vocalist claims has made CTO get the attention it has received.

“When we were composing this album, even then we weren’t thinking about the market. We wanted to do what we felt like and to see what attachment we have with the music we’re making,” the vocalist said. “However, it has been stupendous that so many people have really warmed upto us and our work.”



The album is now available to stream on