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Digestive Showtime’s latest release Daughter By Law is an interesting short film that explores the complex relationship between a mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law. A bond which is often shown in a negative light in our dramas, mainly because both parties are viewed as threats to each other in families. However, not many scripts have tried to dig into how a saas and bahu can be close friends.

Interestingly, Daughter By Law stars three directors as actors namely, Marina Khan, Aehsun Talish and Najaf Bilgrami, along with Sohai Ali Abro and Haris Waheed in the cast. Sarah (Sarah) is a modern and foreign national bahu of Farah Isfehani (Marina Khan), a very strict old-school single parent who expects everyone to follow her rules.


Daughter By Law

Haris Waheed as Adnan ‘Eddie’ & Sohai as Sarah


Their house help Neetu (Najaf) is a sensible guy who helps Sarah to get along with her saas. The twist in the tale is that Farah wants to get in touch with her childhood love, Munawar Isfehani (Aehsun Talish), however, she doesn’t know how to use a smartphone and Sarah helps her to get in touch.


Najaf Bilgrami as Neetu


What ensues is a heartwarming story of two strong women with opposite personalities who have their own passions, desires and emotional baggage, helping each other without the restrictions set by society.



Each actor has played their role with ease; Sohai colourful personality with literally her blue hair streaks, Marina in her poised demeanour, Haris Waheed as a cool son and husband, Najaf as a peacekeeper and last but not the least, Aehsun Talish as an old flame, all have perfected their portrayals.


Aehsun Talish as Munawar Isfehani


Story by Sultan Ghani Afzal, written and directed by Armughan Hassan, Daughter By Law shows how the gap between two generations can be filled with love, understanding and care in order to maintain a harmonious relationship. The short film is full of lessons to be learnt by parents as well as children.

Watch it here: