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PEMRA often takes notice of complaints made by the public upon several issue-based dramas such as Udaari and Dil Na Umeed Toh Nahi for ‘making the audience uncomfortable’. Despite being intelligent content that is used as a tool to highlight social evils and educate the masses, these dramas often face trouble airing. However, this time the public has reported a case regarding animal cruelty shown on the popular TV show Time Out with Ahsan Khan.

A law firm has filed a complaint to PEMRA against the show for using animals as props.


The complaint filed on 18th March, 2021, says that the practice of using animals as props by the show’s team is not only ‘an offence under the law but a breach of constitutionally guaranteed right to life under Art. 9 of the Constitution as laid down by Islamabad High Court’.

The statement further states that the act is also an offence under Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1890.

Petitions are being signed against the channel. “Ahsan Khan is using rabbits as props in a segment of his show Time Out with Ahsan Khan on Express TV. This is incredibly distressing for the poor animals, not to mention we do not know if these animals were bought from a breeder, how they are kept, who is responsible for them. Using animals for entertainment is unethical and needs to stop,” read the petition on

The show has a segment where the host “punishes” guests by asking them to hold a furry rabbit in their lap. He, then, laughs while the celebrity guests get uncomfortable and scream.

Have a look at the Twitter reactions:



Social media users seem upset by the situation, however, the host, Ahsan Khan has also given a statement regarding the matter.

“Let me clarify. These rabbits are basically pets and the person who owns them brings them to the set,” said Ahsan, while speaking exclusively to The Current.

“When they are on set, we make sure that they are well-fed and taken care of and are not facing any issues. They are not uncomfortable at all. The person whose pets they are keeps them indoors and they are very easy to play with.”

The also shared that being a pet lover he is very careful with the animals on set and cares for them.

“I myself am a pet lover,” said Ahsan. “I have dogs at home. I have cats. I also have parrots and hens and they are all like my own children. We try to provide them with comfortable environments. So naturally, we are very careful with the animals – all of us on set.”

He further shared that following the backlash for “using animals as props,” he and his producer decided to avoid it.

“My producer and I thought that if this is hurting people and they are not liking it, then we can avoid it. So we have cut out the segment in the last three to four episodes we’ve recorded,” stated Ahsan, clarifying that the ones which involve animals were shot before.