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This season, Coke Studio is on a mission to experiment with different sounds and bring forward some unusual collaborations. So, you either love the songs or you don’t, there is mostly no in between unless you keep playing them until they eventually grow on you.

Similarly, the latest song Peechay Hutt featuring Hasan Raheem’s vocals with Justin Bibis’ raw talent and Talal Qureshi’s electro beats offers something entirely different that we may not have heard before.

Bringing opposites together,  Peechay Hutt marks the Coke Studio debut of all three artists. According to the official press release of the song, it is an attempt to make way and “embrace the sound and icons of the future”.




While several celebrities including Meesha Shafi and Mahira Khan laud the song, Twitter seemed deeply divided.

“The diversity in this season is just phenomenal, budding artists, unexplored genres and seemless execution overall. Loving it! “wrote a fan.



“Perfect,” described another.



Some love the beat and flow.



The chorus by the Justin Bibis has a fan base of its own.



However, some just did not approve, at all.




“People need to come out of their comfort zone & start welcoming new genres. The song is very good. Can’t understand the negativity,” stated a user.



It is a catchy track that will surely make Gen Z groove to its beats. However, it is not for everyone.



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