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Despite being criticized for its stereotypical portrayal of many characters and at times being confusing, Chupke Chupke is indeed a stress buster. If viewed as a lighthearted drama serial without making sense of much of what is happening in the comedic setup, the performances of most of its eccentric characters are giving us hearty laughs. So much so that many creative minds on Twitter and Instagram have started creating GIFs and memes of its scenes, and some of them are hilarious.

Even Osman Khalid Butt, who has a great sense of sarcasm, wasn’t able to resist making a few. The content, scenarios and dialogues are sometimes so relatable that they can fit in multiple real-life situations and hence Chupke Chupke is a gold mine for memes.

Here are some that we loved:


Every student’s nightmare




When you’re shadeed single




Meenu and Fazi ship





When dinner opens at weddings



or your order is here!



When an acquaintance sees you on a date



Karachiites can relate!



Every Pakistani mother ever





Story of our lives







Hadi-Fazi jori is a hit



Desi relatives



CBA Armyย 



Who asked for your opinion?



Crash course for Eidi



A day with social media trolls



Miskeen or Radhe Mohan



Laughter is the best medicine: proven!