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Our celebs love social media and there’s no denying it! However, many a time we find some things peculiar on their pages and we can’t help but wonder what that’s about. The latest such anomaly is the trend of snapping their fingers. From Jawed Sheikh to Fahad Mustafa, we can’t stop noticing this. Is there something we’re missing out on?

We tried doing a little snooping of our own and all we could find was that there’s a hashtag called #DriveOnPakistan along with the posts. Is this possibly a new project? We thought we’ll analyse.

Out of all the possibilities, these are some we think it might just be…


They just had an idea!

So, obviously, the first thing that came to our mind is that maybe they just had a eureka moment and snapped their fingers! Doesn’t it look like that? There’s always tons going on in people’s mind and this might be it!


Just got an offer

Celebs often love being ecstatic about the roles and projects they get and we thought that might be it! Is it a film role or a new advertisement? Someone please tell us!


Calling someone

This may be too simple but why does it look like they’re snapping their fingers to call someone? Is this a call for attention or is someone lurking behind the camera? We really want to know now.



Before we exhaust ourselves, we thought the final thing could just be snapping for celebration! Is this an ‘Olé’ moment going on? Why does this look like a Latin way of celebrating? Whatever it is, we wouldn’t mind being a part of it.

Although we’re sure we’ll soon find out what’s happening, we can’t help but agree that curiosity always kills the cat and it’s really taking its toll on us at the moment! We won’t stop snooping but If you really find out more about it, let us know too!

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