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If there’s one actor in Pakistan whose versatility in playing negative and positive roles shines bright, it has to be Ahsan Khan. While he played a villain so well in Udaari that the audience hated the character yet loved the actor, his upcoming role in Aangan is also highly-anticipated. However, before we get to see Ahsan in the period drama, he is all set to lend his voice to a child in the upcoming animated film, Tick Tock.

The Tick Tock trailer was released to mixed reviews from the audience. While many compared it to the visual standards set by previous animations, other commended the story. However, the highlight remained Ahsan Khan, despite other big names present at the event as well.

The multifaceted actor has been an integral part of the upcoming animated film and thus, he feels that while he has done negative roles in the past, Tick Tock is another addition to his protagonist roles.

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“I just cannot compare my character in Udaari to the character I play in Tick Tock; these are two different extremes. In between, I’ve done Chupan Chupai which was a comedy flick, so, I guess that neutralises the villain reputation I earned as Imtiaz,” Ahsan said.

Talking about what tempted him to take the role of Hassan, a teenager, he said, “Tick Tock is a film for all ages. It will not only entertain but will also take you back in time and educate you about the forgotten history of Pakistan. This kind of film is the need of the hour.”

Well, looks like we’ll have to wait to find out other details. But until then, watch the Tick Tock trailer and tell us what you think of Ahsan Khan: