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After Farhan Saeed recently tweeted his concerns regarding fellow celebrities who are currently abroad for HUM Awards and will be unable to cast their vote during the general elections, other celebs have now started reacting to how they’re dealing with the clash.

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While many stars might not be able to travel back and forth, singer Bilal Khan has decided to travel back and fulfill his responsibility. He flew from Toronto to Lahore a week ago just so he could vote and will be flying back for the awards.

“It would’ve made more sense for me to stay there but I came back. The reason I tell you this is that I want you ALL to vote. Each vote counts and it is our duty as citizens of our country to vote,” Bilal shared.



Where Bilal Khan made a responsible decision to fly back to cast his vote, Samina Peerzada too said she’ll travel only after casting her vote.




However, on the other hand, it was actor Imran Abbas, who cleared the air around the whole clashing situation and criticised the award show on being scheduled close to the elections. However, he soon deleted the post himself, which only made us wonder why.



While it’s everyone’s duty to vote, shouldn’t Pakistanis living abroad be taken into consideration while planning a voting system for the elections? Even if every Pakistani wants to vote, it’s not feasible or practical for everyone at times. We feel the voting system needs to be digitized in a way that people traveling or living away from their constituencies should be able to vote online.

What are your thoughts?