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Five years ago, during election time, designer Maheen Kardar’s famous IK kurtas became an instant rage with an assortment of many likable colours one could choose from.

This year, some of the designers took the apparel trend to another level by designing clothes and funky scarves of their favourite political parties which are being sold online.


Let’s take a look at some.




The Pink Tree Company


The Pink Tree Company decided to play around with our national colour, a brighter shade of it though on white. What makes the combination striking is the fact that it has been mixed with a fluorescent green which just adds more funk to the design. We bet avid supporters of Jibran Nasir would love owning a piece or two which is luckily available in all sizes too and that too at a reasonable price of PKR 1,200.




Insaf Merchandise


Insaf merchandise, a website that sells Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) merchandise launched a funky pair of kurtas for their staunch supporters. These multi-coloured unstitched kurtas are really eye-catching and make for a vibrant hued crowd during the elections 2018. Definitely, a crowd puller!




Not just those multi-coloured unstitched kurtas, but Insaf merchandise also went forward in designing funky scarves with a print of Imran Khan’s pictures from his glory days. These colours are so eye-catching that even we wouldn’t mind adding them to our collection. Available on their page at a reaonsable price of PKR 1,100.



Hina Butt


Popular Lahore based designer Hina Butt went forward with her support and designed special edition kurtas  for Maryam Nawaz & PML-N. While we’re sure they became an instant hit among the PML-N supporters we’re not too sure if we like them aesthetically. The other kurta with a grid of the political party is still better than the one etched with MN’s face.