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It’s always nice to see musicians come together for collaborations, and this Pakistan Day Call the band took things up a notch!

Bringing together 40 drummers from across Pakistan, the rock band brought out a special ‘Drum Anthem’ to celebrate 23rd March. Including renowned names like Gumby, Salman Albert and Louis J. Pinto, the song is an upbeat tune that will surely have one pumped up with energy. These ‘Drummers of Pakistan’ also include young children, who are no doubt highly talented musicians, with Junaid Khan behind the mic and Zulfi accompanying him on the main stage.

“As Pakistanis, there is no chant that feels more fulfilling than screaming Pakistan Zindabad!” Zulfi said. “Nowadays, there are very few occasions where we have the opportunity to come together and chant for the well-being of our beloved country. What is even more compelling is that all the musicians taking part in this movement, have done it for the love of the country and have not charged any fees. Additionally, any proceeds that we might earn from any online monetization shall go towards supporting the drummer’s fraternity by donating as many drum-kits to music academies across the country.”

Listen to the song below and tell us what you think: