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With three major Pakistani films releasing over Eid ul Azha this year, we have been hearing an assortment of beats and melodic tunes, in fact song after song from their soundtracks but so far only a few have managed to stay with us.

This week put several songs on the horizon, including Load Wedding’s ‘Good Luck,’ pictured on Fahad Mustafa and Mehwish Hayat as well as Asrar Shah’s unique style of singing.

The video is fun and full of celebratory vibes as the lead pair is enjoying a ride in their brand new car, driving through lush green mustard fields in Punjab. The mood of the video is reminiscent of ‘Hauley Hauley’ from Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Rab Ne Banadi Jodi,’ if we had to come up with a visual inspiration for it.


Like we earlier said, the song is good on its own but accompanied by such a colourful and happy video, the mood just gets better. Fahad and Mehwish’s chemistry is strong, considering this is their second movie together.



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As the name suggests, Mehwish appears to be the good luck in Fahad’s life as they not only enjoy a brand new car but also several appliances that spark a celebration. From the trailer we can assume that they won these appliances on a game show and everyone seems to be on a high, whether it’s the immediate family including Samina Ahmed and her daughter or the people in the colony. They all dance to the catchy tune, which kind of uplifts our impending Monday blues, if we may add.

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Watch the song below: