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With Independence Day preparations in full swing, Stepsils Stereo has joined the race of brands to prove their creativity for the country – with a little help from Ali Noor and 100 Pakistani voices!

Releasing a patriotic track titled ‘Mera Pakistan,’ Strepsils and Ali Noor have featured Kami Paul, Shiraz Uppal, Sara Haider, Ayesha Omer, Ahsan Parvez, Rabi Pirzada, and Kumail Jaffery, amongst others, in its signature acapella style like last year.

Making one hum to its catchy beats – which uses no musical instruments and only vocal sounds and claps –  the song surely is a joyous nod to the country’s resilience and unity.

Does Ali Noor’s latest idea make us feel proud of being Pakistanis? Most definitely!

Check out the song here and tell us what you think: