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International lingerie brand Amante brings luxurious options to town.


The Mall was abuzz with excitement this Saturday evening. Mother’s Day sales and promotions had shops busy with excited customers and right in the centre of the fashion avenue, a glamorous looking structure guarded a sneak peek of a new brand that was opening later in the day. Women strolled in and out of the cubicle, intrigued by the selection of products on display and as Alicia Dias entertained bystanders with live music, the growing crowd started waiting in anticipation of a star appearance. Rumour had it that Mahira Khan would be dropping in for the inauguration of Amante, a luxury lingerie brand featuring undergarments as well as sleepwear, active wear and swimwear.

“It’s important to have proper lingerie stores in Pakistan,” Mahira spoke to Instep, later at the event. “Women deserve to feel good about themselves and it’s important to be able to buy the right innerwear whether it’s for comfort or just for fun. I do feel it’s important and that’s why I’m here.”




The feel-good factor was the focal point of the activity, whether it was Mahira who generously mingled with her fans or Alicia Dias, who belted out some popular tracks for the people while they were waiting. Mahira then walked across to the store, which is located on the first floor behind Lal’s Café, cut the ribbon and made the first official purchase.


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The brand takes pride in making luxury innerwear suited to Asian bodies; it also has ranges of sleepwear, swimwear and active wear.


The store itself is quite a treasure trove of colourful luxury items that would undoubtedly fill a void for innerwear in Pakistan. We do have brands like Triumph but Triumph is associated more with the practical and utilitarian side of undergarments rather than the luxurious, feel-good or sexy side of innerwear. Women in this part of the world are misled into thinking that a garment that doesn’t show can be compromised on but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The part of clothing closest to your skin should infact be your biggest investment, which then makes Amante even more attractive as its prices are very competitive. Manufactured in Sri Lanka, the brand is promoted as being best suited to Asian bodies, therefore ideal for Pakistani women. It’s time to indulge!


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