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While branded music shows often produce brilliant covers of old classics, very rarely do they also produce original music. This is one of the factors that sets Bisconni Music apart from other shows – a platform for budding singers as well as music veterans to showcase original songs.
The show offers a variety of genres, such as hip-hop, folk-sufi fusion, melodic pop, love songs and many more, and the long list of stellar musicians featuring in the latest season ensure that listeners have access to various moods and styles of music.
The platform has featured singers and musicians such as Haroon Shahid, Shuja Haider, Saad Hayat, Natasha Humera and bands like Sajid & Zeeshan and Mirage in the past.
Season 2 is no different, as it features names such as Aima Baig, Asrar, Raafay, Kashmir, Amanat Ali
Maria Unera and Asim Azhar.


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Among other platforms such as Coke Studio, Velo Sound Station, Bisconni Music stands out because of the freshness it brings. Songs never heard before have become audience favourites because of their catchy tunes and unique lyrics. Each season has been produced by maestros in the music industry. The first season was produced by Saad Hayat; this time around Raafay Israr has taken the reins (and has also sung a song as well.)
Aima Baig kick-started the season on strong note, with ‘Tu Mera Na Hua‘ trending on Twitter the day it released. The second song ‘Malang‘, featuring Asrar Shah, created waves by producing a fusion of sufi music with contemporary, electronic beats.  He also made a fashion statement with the shimmering red jacket he wore in the video.
The variety in songs is also a plus point for the show. For instance, ‘Ranjha‘, featuring Rafay Israr, was the perfect party song because of  modern beats fused with a Punjabi chorus, while ‘Yaaden‘ is a more soulful sound, featuring Kashmir, an alternative rock band and Mai Dhai, a classical Sindhi folk singer. The contrast between the two names, in terms of their sound and look, created an incredibly unique song.  Dharkanen is a great collaboration between Amanat Ali and Maria Unera and their performance was enhanced by the use of strobe lights flashing on the set. Of course, Asim Azhar never disappoints. ‘Pul Ja’ is a nice blend of Urdu and Punjabi and is definitely a song that you’ll be playing on repeat.
Bisconni Music Season 2 promises powerful performances, original musical tracks and a new wave of music for spectators and music enthusiasts. The latest season is better than ever with a grand stage and hi-tech instruments such as a piano and a sitar that make the music majestic. Of course, the show also features some cover songs, made by cover artists.