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The trailer to this film has released, ro ro kar and it comes with a ‘Releasing Soon’ promise, still no confirmed or even estimated date. Bin Roye, secretly dubbed as a Titanic on the sets – because of its long delays – finally emerged and gave Mahira Khan fans something to look forward to. Here’s what my first impression is:


Bin Roye is going to struggle to look like a feature film; it’s cast and crew is too close to television and that shows in the frames. I’m not a technical person at all but I can see that Bin Roye borders on tele-film, which may be a problem. That may also be because the makers plan to release it in drama format too; that’s a perplexing decision.


Humayun Saeed looks too old to be Mahira’s hero but then the storyline justifies that. According to reports (I have not read the book): Humayun is married to Armeena Khan, Mahira’s elder sister, who dies and so Mahira is coerced to step into her shoes. It is a tried and tested Bollywood formula and we know that eventually Mahira will fall in love with her husband, no matter what. (My readers have pointed out that this is not the story so I am just hoping that it’ll have unexpected twists and turns). Nevertheless, I just can’t help thinking how irresistible this film would have been with the original casting choice – Fawad Khan – in the lead role. He had to be replaced because of endless delays and Fawad’s other commitments. Anyway, bygones.




I’m just relieved that we finally have a couple of films – Bin Roye included – that have colour, music, song and dance, romance and the usual things that make films entertaining. Enough of war drama, socially responsible films and those focusing on the under-belly of Pakistan. There is song and dance in Bin Roye but as a colleague at Instep pointed out: “the trailer looks like a Tarang ad!”


Do you agree?

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