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Despite what the critics say, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will be a super blockbuster hit. It has reached a whopping $160 million opening at the box office. What that means is that regardless of whether the film is good or not, everyone will, and should, watch the movie at least once.


And why wouldn’t they? It’s the ultimate battle between two of DC’s iconic characters, Batman and Superman, and while Christian Bale was the love of our life as Batman in Christopher Nolan’s series, Ben Affleck’s character portrays Batman closer to the comic books.


But that’s all this movie has to offer. Which is depressing because the movie could have done so much more! You have a plot, characters, a stellar cast, and an insane budget to put it all together and what is churned out is a film that is neither entertaining, nor awe-inspiring.


As with most films, we can divide the film into two parts: the first half and the second. The first half seems like a drag because it takes too long to get to the point. Also, there are dream sequences in the film that are confusing to understand – were they just dreams or visions of the future? What was really going on, one cannot tell easily.


The second half of the movie is just chaos and madness. We cannot expect a film like this to make much sense, since it isn’t depicting a realistic view of the world therefore anything is possible, but even within this world there should be some laws: The villain is evil but we do not understand why. Batman and Superman hate each other but the reasoning isn’t justified. Then they stop being enemies while in the middle of their brawl, which was also not justified (not wanting to give the plot away)


The film doesn’t evoke the right emotions – we don’t feel strongly for either of the heroes or their mission. The characters are all one dimensional. Superman is expressionless all the time, Batman is brooding and angry. Lois Lane is the worst damsel in distress and no one can logically explain why she’s doing the things she’s doing the entire movie. Feminism has gone and died somewhere – unless you’re a superhero, you’re only good because the villains can use you to control the heroes so you will be kidnapped and beaten.


All in all, a weak film. This is what happens when you don’t write a film well.

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