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Veteran Bollywood actress Jaya Bachchan, who is also the MP of India’s Samajwadi Party, is probably India’s richest parliamentarian. Jaya declared assets worth INR10 billion on Friday as she filed her nomination as a candidate for the country’s Rajya Sabha.

According to the affidavit she submitted, Jaya and her husband Amitabh have immovable assets worth more than INR4.6 billion, which is over twice of what they owned in 2012, i.e. INR1.52 billion.

Earlier standing at  INR4.93 billion, her declared assets have increased since 2014. According to documents, Jaya and Amitabh Bachchan now have moveable assets valued at INR5.4 billion.

The affidavit also revealed that the couple own INR62o million worth of gold and jewellery. Amitabh alone owns jewellery worth INR360 million. It has been reported that the Bachchans also own 12 vehicles between them, worth over INR130 million. This include a Rolls-Royce, three Mercedes, a Porsche and a Range Rover. Amitabh also owns a Tata Nano car and a tractor, while Amitabh and Jaya own watches worth around INR34o million and INR5.1 million respectively. Amitabh possesses a pen worth over INR0.9 million. The Bachchans also own a 3,175 sqm residential property in Brignogan Plage in France as well as properties in Noida, Bhopal, Pune, Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar.