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Oh you soft spoken one

come and dance

in the desert rain..

Behold! From far across the deserts of Tharparkar, Fanoos blessed us with another gem to swoon to.

Patari and Zohaib Kazi’s collaboration Fanoos has a stupendous aim; it reaches out and delves into the deep hidden talents residing in the remotest areas of Pakistan and brings them to us. Real people with real music that fails to get the exposure and appreciation they truly deserve.

Fanoos’ last song titled, “Un Amlo” featured a Burushaski tune straight from the beautiful land of Hunza which sure struck a chord in every listener’s heart. This time we have a heart-warming song from the city of forts.

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Mai Dhai’s powerful vocals and signature touch have no match. Baaja Re is another song sung beautifully by Mai Dhai, along with her son Moharram Faqeer, and has us swaying to its traditional richness. Hailed as the ‘Queen of Sindh’, Mai Dhai’s raw vocals have the power to reach your core; yes that’s the affect the song had on us!  It’s a beautiful song about the rain that makes you yearn for stories untold, and transcends you to places you’ve never visited before.

The reason why tracks by Fanoos sing so raw in our ears and ring loud  in our hearts is because each of them are recorded in the musicians’ own setting, therefore sustaining the traditional quintessence.

Fanoos has successfully resuscitated the true essence of Pakistani music and we can’t appreciate them enough.

Watch a clip from the song below, and listen to the full song on Patari.