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After everything that Fauzia has gone through, the circumstances she has braved, it is only natural for us as the audience to hope for her happy ending. We saw Sheheryar become the ray of hope in Fauzia’s life and though she needs no knight in shining armour, it is impossible to not imagine him as one. He is courteous, caring and kind, plus the kind of man you would want Fauzia to end up with. In Baaghi’s latest episode, we see their relationship step towards the next level when Sheheryar gifts her a ring. Fauzia is clearly excited about it, but being the practical woman she is she tells him she needs time to process this.

On the other hand, Fauzia’s other source of happiness is being in the presence of her family once again. She is showering them with numerous gifts, filling up their new home with luxury appliances and going out of the way to help in anyway she can. While Fauzia is full of love for her family, one wonders if she is over compensating for her guilt of leaving them in the first place.


Kanwal Baloch also makes a TV appearance in this episode

The infuriating part however is how her brothers are taking advantage of her, the younger one sells of his cellphone and lies that it got stolen, plus keeps insisting she send him abroad for work. The elder hot-headed Rahim, who has already taken money from Fauzia, shamelessly guilt trips her again for more money. It is absolutely infuriating to see Fauzia being taken advantage of like this. Her friend Gogi seems to be the only one who sees the real picture, but Fauzia is leaving no stone unturned to go out of the way for her family.

The ending of the episode was truly upsetting, when we see Fauzia ready to succumb to a corrupt policeman’s wishes to get Rahim out of jail. We know he doesn’t deserve the kind of lengths Fauzia is willing to go to, and our heartbreaks for the ordeals Fauzia is ready to go through in the name of love. Fauzia’s character, and Saba Qamar’s portrayal of it, is extremely relatable with her blind love for her family and her dream to become someone significant in the world.