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By now, we’re sure everyone must have seen the picture where Mahira Khan, Meera, Mawra Hocane and Saba Qamar – our leading stars from Pakistan – are posing with Sridevi and Manish Malhotra at the Masala Awards; it’s all over the internet. It looked and felt like a feel-good moment of camaraderie between Pakistani and Indian stars, as it wasn’t even a planned photo shoot. As most of the star power gathered backstage, it was just the right opportunity to seize the moment. However, unfortunately, what happened and what we experienced was #thatawkwardmoment!

So here’s what happened. All our girls were happily posing away but in the middle of the shoot, Saba Qamar suddenly left the picture and said, “I can’t stand and I am going.” It was very abrupt and, we felt, a little impolite.


Saba Qamar

She just walked out of the picture without excusing herself!


Our team was standing with Sridevi, who is a well respected senior and has completed 300 films in India. Sridevi was patiently posing for the pictures and Saba’s sudden walk-out left a very bad taste in the mouth. In her defence, she did come on the wheelchair because of a sprained ankle but she could have explained her position and then excused herself instead of acting up and just walking out of the frame.

Did Saba’s antics really turn it into an awkward moment? You be the judge.